Stir Japan, Shake the World.

The Japanese craft liqueurs, infused with 100 years of tradition and skills

Since Suntory established the Osaka Plant as the main production center for spirits and liqueurs, over a century of Suntory craftsmanship has been poured into creation of these Japanese craft liqueurs for new generation.
They fully embody and bring out the Japanese ingredients,
nurtured by the four seasons, each with their own distinctive nuances of fragrance, taste, and color.

奏 Kanade, a work of art produced by distinctive Japanese ingredients and the skills of Artisans,
endeavors to be one of a kind, stirring Japan and shaking the world.

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A softly elegant aroma spread magnificently.
A lovely flavor draws on the cherry blossom characteristics.

Fully bloomed cherry blossoms are picked one by one and soaked in spirits to extract their delicate flavors.The resulting liquid is carefully blended by skillful artisans with base liquor made similarly from cherry leaves.

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Aroma, flavor, bitterness, umami
The expansively mellow flavor typical of matcha—powdered green tea—comes through clearly.

Kanade Matcha is a careful blend of a tea liquor made of only the highest quality Matcha and Gyokuro green tea leaves from Uji in Kyoto. It has a rich yet mellow aroma derived from the Matcha leaves, and a delicately balanced flavor with both bitterness and umami.

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A soft fragrance and fresh taste, full of the mellow fruitiness of white peach.

Kanade White Peach is composed of a masterfully infused Japanese White Peach liquor and White Peach juice. The final blend has a distinct aroma both rich and gentle, and an enveloping juicy flavor like that of a raw White Peach.

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Combining the bracingness of the fruit with the bitterness of the peel, the flavor draws out yuzu’s special qualities.

Kanade Yuzu is created through the blending of Yuzu juice with three different types of liquor, each made by infusing and distilling Japanese Yuzu citrus pulp and peel, This liqueur embodies the characteristics of fresh Yuzu, with a refreshing citrus aroma and pleasantly bitter yet sour taste.

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Importing the rich Western liquor culture into Japanese lives

Suntory Founder Shinjiro Torii

Established in 1919   Suntory Osaka Plant

Suntory Founder Shinjiro Torii
got into the alcoholic beverage
business in 1899,
in the middle of the Meiji Era,
out of a strong desire to carve out
a Western-style liquor culture in Japan.

Through a repeated process of
trial and error,
he finally succeeded in bringing to
the people of Japan the diverse and rich
pleasures of Western liquor.

Released in 1947    Hermes Peppermint

Thereafter, the company sent many different liqueurs out into the world

In 1919, he established the Osaka Plant as the main production center for spirits and liqueurs.
It was 1947 when Suntory’s first original liqueur, Hermes Peppermint, was perfected and went on sale.

Thereafter, the company sent many different liqueurs out into the world.
At the same time, various events including cocktail competitions and cocktail workshops were put on over the years aimed at making the Western liquor culture a familiar part of Japan.


The traditional process and blending techniques
for drawing out the individuality of Japanese ingredients

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奏 Kanade liqueurs, whether SAKURA, MATCHA, YUZU,
or WHITE PEACH, are all made completely.

Drawing out the most from these carefully
selected ingredients and conjuring up
the delicate flavors are artisans at
the Spirits and Liqueur Atelier of the Osaka Plant,
with its 100-year history.

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Employing the optimal soaking or distilling techniques for each ingredient, a diversity of base liquors are created, taking advantage of their individual characteristics.

These diverse liquors are then skillfully blended by the superb craftsmanship developed over the years since the founding.
The outstanding skills of our team of blenders create the Japanese craft liqueur 奏 Kanade, with its taste of natural ingredients like no other.


A refined bottle adorned in the traditional beauty of Japan

奏 Kanade liqueurs Design img1

奏 Kanade liqueurs Design img2

奏 Kanade liqueurs come in bottles decorated with the seven treasures,
a classical pattern of Japan.
The chain of circles eternally linked are
a wish for happiness, harmony, and human ties.
The design expresses the hope of the creators that 奏 Kanade,
born of the harmony of various base liquors,
will perform harmoniously and lead to many
connections among people.

The label, using Echizen washi,
is made under the supervision of Eriko Horiki,
a Japanese paper designer active globally.
The watercolor painting expresses
the individuality of each flavor
making up the delicate and complex taste.

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奏 Kanade
Volume: 700ml
Abv: Alc.22%
奏 Kanade
奏 Kanade〈MATCHA〉
Volume: 700ml
Abv: 25%
奏 Kanade
Volume: 700ml
Abv: 20%
奏 Kanade
奏 Kanade〈YUZU〉
Volume: 700ml
Abv: 20%